Creative Design

  • Creative and effective Individuality

    OSKUtex textile casings made from cotton or viscose are cut from a flat woven sheet and sewn. This makes highly original and creative designs possible.

    High-end form and function

    For example, it is possible to die-cut and sew special casings for use in the various holiday seasons, e.g. Easter bunnies, pumpkins or Father Christmas. OSKUtex also has a high-tech screen printing facility where complex motifs can be precision printed onto multiple die-cut sections to create custom casings, even in comparatively small quantities.

    Depending on the productivity requirements of the companies, Kalle offers shirred textile casings with a straight or wavy seam. The seam is designed to allow easy opening, almost like a zipper fastener. In addition, the new barrier coating developed by Kalle means that textile casings can now be used for cooked and scalded sausages. Thanks in large part to product innovations from OSKUtex as part of the Kalle Group, the textile casing has become a popular option in many parts of the world and is now well established alongside natural, collagen and fibrous casings.

    Impulses at the counter

    At the service counter, sausages in OSKUtex's eye-catching styling motivate impulsive purchases and increase how much the customer is willing to pay. They are also ideal for artisanal or regional products.