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49124 Georgsmarienhütte

Sales Director Global Textile Casing

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Insider products with top quality and full service

OSKUtex's range of services is based on a broad and flexible range of products. On the one hand, it is clearly geared to customer requirements, but on the other, it also sets its own impulses for new, potentially successful trends. As a company that knows the market and end customers, OSKUtex sees its products holistically as solutions for specific applications and as a source of ideas for creative designs, whether on the supermarket shelf or at the butcher's

Because it pools design and production in-house and at one location, OSKUtex can bring new trends and wishes to the market very quickly and flexibly.

In addition to creative design options, OSKUtex textile casings also offer outstanding functional qualities, both in terms of efficient production and for the increasingly conscious consumer. To this end, OSKUtex relies on top quality and safety, which applies not only to the products manufactured at German locations, but also to the advice and services provided.